About us

:About Kfar Veradim

.Kfar Veradim is a local council inSouthern Gallilee,nearMa' alot Tarshiha and approximately twenty minutes away from the two cities,Naharia and Carmiel
.The village is comprised of various neighborhoods that were built at different times and which now are developing dinamically.All this is enveloped in nature and lush greenery
.The population is varied.There are young couples, families with older children beside the elderly
The settlement was established in1984, pioneered by the industrialist,Stef Vertheimer who' s dream was to establish a select ,high quality settlement in the Gallillee that would attract a .choicy population to migrate from central Israel
According to the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics,as of 2018, there are 5,578 people living in Kfar Veradim
Kfar Veradim was established as a Jewish, Zionist settlement, pluralistic .That being the case,there were residents who set a target,and made it there business to oppose to all Jewish religious activity in the settlement.Indeed,in the early years there were no religious establishments, no religious classes,no mikva,no eruv,and no religious activities for .women and children

About Bet Habad,Kfar Veradim:

Bet Habad Kfar Veradim was established in 2003 by the Lubavitcher Rebbe' s emiseries: Rabbi Amihai and Geula Marinovsky in order to reach out to everyJew in Kfar Veradim to endear the Torah and Mitzvot through love and devotion.
As soon as they settled in Kfar Veradim,Rabbi Amihai and Geula Marinovsky established weekly Torah studies for men and women, respectfully.
In the framework created,hundreds ofTefillin and Mezuzot have been checked .New Mezuzot have been
The Habad House started having periodical activities before Jewish festivals with pamphlets explaining about the upcoming festival.Open house festival meals are arranged,gift packages,Matzot are distributed,e.t.c
In addition ,the Habad House has expanded it' s activities to children outreach: weeklyJewish activity for children,summer camp,Lag Bo' omer Parade and more.
In addition the women's activities have expanded to include Rosh Hodesh Party,farbrengens,andHassidut classes.
The need was felt to do more with the youth,so classes were established to prepare boys for their Bar Mitzva and girls for their Bat Mitzvah, respectively e.t.c
During the 18 years ofthe Habad House,many Jewish Neshamos have been awakened,
With Jewish vibrant hearts beating.Antagonism has been melted down by love and consideration issued by the emissaries of the Rebbi
During the years ,Habad House has not had a permanent home,but has had to wander from one building to another ,lacking sufficient space for expanding activities.
The time has come to build a permanent building for all activities!

The Fund Raising Campaign

We are now fundraising !
We turn to all our Habad House friends andthe many residents who enjoy the Habad House activities to contribute generously to building an edifice that will be big enough to contain all activities,and even to enable activity expansion to serve the community of Kfar Veradim and surrounds!!